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International Scouting Experience: Scotland

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In our recent holidays 2 of our scout leaders from Hünfeld travelled across southern Scotland. More or less by chance we came across a group of Scottish Scouts who were supposed to have their weekly meeting that very evening. We searched and found their Scout Centre in Galashiels and paid them a visit wearing our german neckerchief and Scout shirt.

A Scout is a friend to all, and a brother to every other Scout

Robert Baden-Powell

The people we met were incredibly nice and hospitable. They invited us to join their Explorer Scout programme that evening, stay overnight at their Scout Centre and even gave us tips for our further holiday in Scotland.
Together with the Explorer Scouts the British flag was hoisted and afterwards an exciting game was played in the forest. Besides we learned a lot about the Scottish way of Scouting. Later we even got the honour to present some Explorer Scouts with their Leader Training Certificates.
Sleeping in one of the cosy rooms of the old Scout Centre was an exciting experience. And it saved us a night in a cold car…
We would like to thank Jane, Alexander and all the other scouts we met that evening. Thanks for the many exciting insights, for the hospitality, the tea, the cake and the accommodation!

You are invited to visit us whenever you are around!

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